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The following are write-ups of frameworks and systems that I've developed over the years to make teams more effective. Most of them have a customer experience flavor, but they all contain useful lessons that can apply to most teams in a startup company. 


Customer Feedback Cycle






A better framework for evaluating and improving how your organization handles customer feedback. 


The Five Love Languages of Finance:
Talking to your CFO about CX





5 ways support leaders can transform their organization to value driver


Organizing Your Team around Problem Structure

Categorizing support issues can be tricky. I will help you make it better. 


Flattening Orgs for Smarties

Everyone loves to talk about flattening the org, but few succeed. 


Interviewing for the Win

A philosophy and framework for hiring the best talent for your team


Success ❤️ Support: Together Forever

Ways to create synergy between two critical teams that often don't work well together