Kincy Clark profile

Hi! Iā€™m Kincy Clark, a CX consultant and leadership coach. 

If you want a customer-facing organization that thrives in your chaotic startup environment, you've come to the right place. I build support teams that create business value, treat customers right and attract great talent. And scale.

I partner with early stage startups by:

  • Hiring  great people who adapt quickly to changing priorities
  • Setting up lightweight systems that you won't outgrow
  • Establishing a culture of value creation, not cost center
  • building trust with your product & engineering teams

I partner with growth stage companies by:

  • (re)designing your CX to scale sublinearly 
  • ensuring your CX teams are aligned with the business
  • creating a great experience for your customers when they need help
  • coaching & mentoring CX leaders for effectiveness

I coach tactical & operational leaders by:

  • actively listening to gain a deep understanding of their environment
  • ask tough questions that force thinking
  • provide techniques to deepen their understanding 
  • offer guidance based on their context (not my experience)